Monday, July 2, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust.....

but I think some are multiplying while in storage!

I organized my sewing room about a month ago, but after two days of sorting, resorting and replacing everything between my bedroom and my sewing room, one corner of my sewing room got neglected. Though there is a pile of storage and baskets, I knew what was in the corner and it wasn't horribly messy looking so there it sat.

Saturday it was time to dive into those boxes as they are where my partially quilted quilts are stored as well as the finished tops. While I was digging for the next project, I labeled the boxes with my nifty new Brother labelmaker so next time around I can choose a project without going through all the boxes. When I finish a quilt I can peel off it's label, when I add a new top I can add it's label.

I had fun in those boxes. I visited some tops I hadn't seen in a while. I had a few in there that didn't really excite me, but found they gained some charm while out of sight for a while. I found two that will make perfect Christmas gifts for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, whose names we have for gift giving this year. I'm not only saved the time to piece...but will finish two extra UFO's as well!

The thing that surprised me most is that I had quite a few more tops than I remembered. It made me more determined than ever to pound away at those UFO's and get them down to a more reasonable number.

Saturday afternoon I finished another UFO. This one was in my hoop, so I found a new hoop project. I put the last stitch in my binding sitting outside on my swing so I laid it out in front of me on the grass. Ruthie (our youngest) promptly ran over and claimed it, laying down on it and asking for her binky. A few minutes later, she was sound asleep on my swing, covered in her newly claimed quilt.

So now I've chosen a new hoop project. This one has been picked up and set down many times, for various reasons. It's now in the hoop until completion as I continue my quest to finish more old projects than new ones I start. So far this year I've finished two table runners, a table topper, the balloon quilt and four larger quilts. I was afraid of burning out at this point, but I find myself energized, wanting to find as much quilting time as possible as I see quilt after quilt bound and done.

Here is a better view of the balloon quilt.

First thing this morning I checked the weather channel. It's going to be another gorgeous day here in northern Illinois. A perfect day to quilt outside. And so I go.


Pieces From Me said...

Wow that turned out nice. I love the clamshell quilting and also the way you quilted on the balloons. As always Ruthie is a doll!!

JoAnna said...

Aww. So cute. It's very rewarding to see quilts being loved. Your family is gorgeous!