Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Just Checking In

It's been a while, I just haven't had very much to say! For anyone who knows me, I'm sure that's very hard to believe!

I mostly write about quilting because the other aspects of my life are rather mundane overall. While they keep me busy and content, I don't know that they make for very exciting reading.

When writing to family or friends about the doings in our home, I list off everyone's comings and goings (and there are many with a husband with 2 jobs, a 20 year old and 3 teenagers in addition to my two younger kids) and finish with "I'm the glue that holds it all together."

It's exactly what I'd hoped to be doing those many years ago when we started planning for a family.

I love my "boring" life. The less I have to leave the house, the better. The more I'm home, the cleaner and more organized my home is, the more quilting I'm getting done, the more on top of things I feel. I go out one evening a month for a quilting bee, one Friday a month to visit a friend, an occasional day out to Bren's house, and an occasional lunch out.

I'm now also thinking of Christmas and what gifts I will be making. The two biggest projects are lap quilts this year, one is on the frame and has quite a bit of progress on it. I took both from my stash of tops this year so as soon as this one is finished, the next can go on the frame. The main part of my work should be done by Thanksgiving at the very latest, leaving me the month of December for other small gifts. I think this is the most organized I've ever been!

So I guess that's it, I'm just rambling now. These next couple of days should be rather easy as I did a lot of cleaning and laundry yesterday. We have post-season baseball fever in our house so tomorrow will be spend largely quilting in front of the television watching the THREE playoff games that will be broadcast.

Today I hope to spend a serious amount of time quilting, too. It's one of those gloomy, foggy, damp days and, aside from watching a friend's children for a couple of hours, my day is wide open. I expect a peaceful day and wish one for you as well!


CONNIE W said...

Enjoyed your post. I'm a homebody so my 'boring' days are welcomed by me.

Marilyn R said...

Sounds like a great day to me too! I love "boring days". When I tell someone that not much has happened around here lately I let them know I am not complaining!