Sunday, October 21, 2007

Couldn't Wait Until Morning

Well...I guess I could...but I would be more pressed for time. My husband is already in bed as is Ruthie, our older kids are all occupied and I have some rare time to just do what I want for a couple of hours before bedtime.

Since I'll have a busy morning, I figured it would be easier to post now, so here I am.

I quilted a lot this weekend. When I realized that I had the inner part of my sister-in-law's quilt nearly finished, I just could stop until it the whole quilt was done. Here are the two blocks and an overall view of the quilt. I'm surprised at how the white marking lines show up on the border as I can hardly see them looking at it....weird! I finished the quilting last night and got the binding sewn onto the front, today I hand sewed the binding to the back.

Next up is the quilt for my brother-in-law. The last time that we had their names, I made them a king-sized quilt for their bed, this time around they each get a lap quilt. The top is already finished, and I marked the alternating block today. Tomorrow or the next day I'll mark the borders. I should be able to pick up the batting on Thursday and then I will likely baste it that day, also, because I'm anxious to get it into the frame.

I'm knitting a dishcloth now, since I don't feel much like marking. When my kids are done with the big TV, I might move downstairs and either knit some more or do a bit of applique and put a movie on. I don't know if I'll make it to the end, but at least I'll get a little quiet time all by my lonesome...a rarity these days.

Ruthie wore her Halloween dress today. She was quite happy to be wearing it. It was a beautiful fall day here, on the warm side and sunny so we took a walk around the block...twice actually. Ruthie walked the whole time, it's six tenths of a mile to go around twice...quite a lot of steps for those little legs! After our walk she took a little rest on her little sofabed, joined by her dolly (Ruthie isn't sleeping, I just can rarely get a picture with her beautiful eyes open, especially when she's smiling!)

So there was my weekend in a nutshell, though I'm going to try to extend it by a couple more hours. I'm a night owl, so I love the chance to stay up late. My husband works two jobs and one way for us to stay connected is for me to go to bed when he does...on the occasional day that he's really tired and goes to bed early, I take advantage and stay up late!


Bren said...

Is this for Diane, Mike's sister? It is gorgeous. I do not remember seeing this one as a top. Now I am trying to figure out what one you are doing for Del.
Ruthie is adorable. That WAS a long walk for her tiny legs. I would have laid on the sofa bed too!!

Su Bee said...

Ruthie is charming my socks off with her little cot -- too too cute! Smiling eyes are pretty eyes, and Lil Miss does have beautiful eyes.

Marilyn R said...

Your Sister-in-law's quilt is beautiful! She is one lucky lady! Ruthie is adorable in her Halloween dress.

Terrye said...

How can I get onto your Christmas list. Maybe you could adopt me.
The quilt is really gorgeous and I hope it will be appreciated.
Keep us posted on your quiltmaking.
Thanks for sharing
Kaye Wood

julieQ said...

I love your hand quilting. When I hand quilt, it seems like a forever project!! You seem to make good progress. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts!