Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Renewed Excitement

I love my Tuesday night quilting bee. It's an offshoot from the guild I used to belong to and quit when Lucas (7) was born. I happened to run into one of the members in JoAnn's one day, just after Ruthie was born and she told me about their retreat and urged me to come...and also told me about the Tuesday night bee.

Well, I couldn't leave Ruthie when she was tiny, but as soon as I felt comfortable leaving her for a few hours, I became part of the Tuesday Night Quilting Bee. It's so hard for me to get out of the house, though! Every month I wonder if it wouldn't just be easier to stay home and sew as I'm rushing around, packing my quilting, eating my dinner, making sure the kids are all accounted for so I can run out of the door at ten to six.

But once I'm out...I sit for 3 glorious hours with my quilting and my friends, chatting and sewing the evening away.

Last night, as I packed up to come back home, I laid out the frame quilt (I took it off and put it in a hoop so I could work on it during the bee) and realized the quilting is nearly finished. I actually took a second look, sure that I missed a few blocks and hadn't noticed, but no...there is one block and some sashing left before the border.

So today, I have renewed interest in the frame quilt. My plan is to finish a dishcloth each day before I start to quilt (at least for now) and I can hardly wait to get to the quilting today knowing that I can have the center done and be working on the border in short order.

In the next few days, I'll also get out the next quilt and decide on the quilting designs and mark that so it's ready for the frame as soon as I can get some batting.

After 30+ dishcloths, the quilting bug is biting me again and I'm glad for that. I also want to finish the blocks for one of the applique projects because that is the quilt I'd like in the frame once the Christmas quilts are done.

I have a few chores that need to be done today, mostly some picking up in our bedroom which tends to be a dropoff spot and cleaning my kitchen well after baking all day yesterday. The quilt is calling me and I plan to answer that call today. With some concentrated effort, I might even be able to take it off and mark the border.

And to the right is Ruthie in her new little hiding place, she likes to sit on the footrest that I have under my frame, it's her own little fort.

So I'd better get to it! The chores are about done now, it took forever to get this pic to upload today. I try to do the biggest jobs in the morning so afternoons/evenings can be spent alternating between sewing and smaller chores, while running my kids around when need be and visiting with them.

Happy Quilting!

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