Friday, October 5, 2007

What is it about....

new supplies!

I can't keep my hands off of them. Usually when I'm buying quilting fabric, I have something in mind for it and I can hardly wait to get started once I get home. There are times when I'm in the midst of a project and need to wait, but it really helps spur that old project on to have a new one...with newly bought fabric...waiting in the wings.

Yesterday I bought more yarn for dishcloths. After making a few and using them, I just love them for doing dishes (and may make some for washcloths, too.) They seem to have enough abrasiveness for light scrubbing, yet feel soft and wonderful in my hand. Something about those colorful bits of knitted thread makes the job more enjoyable, too.

I have a quilt on the frame that I'm going gangbusters on, but could I quilt yesterday? Of course not! That yarn was calling my name. The result was 3 new dishcloths. I knitted 2 1/2 of them before doing some quilting, then finished the one that was half finished after quilting for a while.

I've been trying to upload pictures of the finished dishcloths, but there seem to be a problem with loading pictures at present so those will have to wait for another day. I just got back from lunch with a friend (and attempted loading the pictures one more time) and now I'm hoping to do some quilting....and maybe some knitting....perhaps some applique? Hopefully the indecisiveness doesn't mean that none of them will get worked on!

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Marilyn R said...

I totally know what it is like to hear different projects call your name. I have too many UFO's! I have to work on that. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I will come back and visit yours too!