Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I don't have much to show for my day yesterday. I finished up a dishcloth and knitted another. I pulled out my applique, made one more block and started another. What I'm wanting to do is get my brother in law's quilt going, but I don't have batting and don't have cash to pick any up.

I am babysitting today, however, so if that will cover batting I may make a run out and get it. I always feel out of whack when there isn't a quilt in my frame ready for me.

This is the block I finished yesterday. There will be 31 more like it, in different fabrics. This is number 20, so I'm getting there now. It will alternate with a plain block with triangles sewn in the corner. On that block will be quilted a feathered ring. This is the top that I plan to go into my frame when my brother in law's quilt is finished, so I'd better get going!

Another work in progress is an all applique project. The background is blue and all the applique is white. I have several of these blocks done. They will alternate with flower applique blocks, also all in white. An appliqued border will finish it off. This is a longer term project as it's more tedious. I'm getting more anxious to work on it after leaving it sit for a while, this might be a good post holiday project.

So that's about it today. I'm feeling disjointed and I'm not sure why, I'm hoping that as I get moving here I'll be able to settle into something and get a lot done. Right now it feels like a day where not much will be accomplished.

I wish you happy quilting and I hope the same for me!


drucillastitches said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog and the advice on basting. Do you pin from the center with quilting pins after laying the quilt out flat and taping it down? Just wondering how others do this? I had planned taking it to my church so I could have plenty of room and big tables. I've never made a quilt this big.

Catherine said...

The white applique on blue is very very pretty. Sounds like it will be a stunning quilt.

La Manosa said...

Your applique blocks look great! I also really liked the quilt you've been working on for your sister-in-law. I'm sure she will love it.

Andrea said...

Wonderful applique ! I love the look of applique but find it a bit difficult. I need to practise.